Top lip colors for fall

Favorite fall lip colors
Favorite fall lip colors
Swatches of my favorite fall lip colors

Swatches of my favorite fall lip colors

Going along with my favorite fall scents post, I wanted to do a post on my favorite lip colors for fall too! Updating your lip color is an easy way to change up your every day look for a new season. I like all of these colors because they look awesome with my skin tone. I don’t like to use deep plums and reds during the day because I’m a student and I would look way too made up for class. Also, the swatches look super shimmery in the second photo but I promise that they’re not that shimmery. When they set on your lips, most of them have a sheen to them, but no outright glitter. The first of the swatches is a NARS lip gloss in Paris Follies. This was limited edition but any gloss that isn’t shimmery and is semi-opaque with a darker tone is great. I like to layer this baby over a darker lip color so it lightens it a bit while adding shimmer. The next swatch is another NARS product, a Velvet Gloss lip pencil in New Lover. I love this one because it is pink with a subtle gold shimmer that makes your lips look more full but still natural. Next is a YSL Glossy Stain in number 4. I’ve had this gloss forever. Some people find the finish to feel like a sticker on their lips but I like the staying power and find that as long as I don’t slather tons of it on, it feels rather normal. And I love the plumy color that I can still feel comfortable wearing during the day. Next is my favorite by far. I wear this color year-round but I really love it in the fall. It is a Chanel lip stick in Caractere. This is a color that enhances my natural lips but it also doesn’t dry out my lips which is a HUGE plus. It has some glitter in it but it doesn’t show through at all when I apply it. If I could repurchase one thing from these products, it would be this one. The next one is another NARS product, it is a lipstick in the shade Pago Pago. I like this as a nude color because it doesn’t wash me out, and pairs perfectly with a more intense eye look for fall. This one does have some serious glitter in it but again, doesn’t really show up when applied. Then I have two MAC lipsticks, one in Capricious and the other in Creme in your Coffee. Capricious is more of a berry toned shade with no shimmer, and is not overpowering. Creme in your Coffee is a more brown toned shade that is great when you want a warmer natural shade for your lips. Finally, I included a Maybelline Color Sensational in the shade Let me Pink because I’ve had it forever but somehow, I keep coming back to it. It is a more intense version of Capricious so I like using it when I have a more natural eye look so it doesn’t have to compete for attention.

What are your lipstick essentials for fall? Let me know down below!



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